Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At Home Fitness

At Home Fitness: I am an at home exerciser. This works for me but I know everyone is different and I am a FIRM believer that we should all: 
  • Do what we love!
  • Do what is working for us
  • Do what we will continue doing
If going to the gym/ using Wii Fit/ jogging/ power walking/ whatever! works for you STICK with it!

My Favs: I am a HUGE fan of The Firm dvds, Barry's Bootcamp dvds, Jillian Michaels newer dvds, and all things Cindy Whitmarsh. Beach Body is also a very popular company that offers a lot of quality exercise systems and a personalized coach system. But again-do what YOU love! Find what works for you. Some trial and error is to be expected-just remember you're still burning calories finding what you truely enjoy.
Strength Training: Do yourself a favor and invest in some dumbbells. Do not shy away from weights-we need them! Dont be afraid to flex those guns ladies (and hey, who doesnt want to give the boys a run for their money at arm wrestling from time to time?) Tubing and bands are also great, inexpensive alternatives. My body did not seriously begin to reshape until I incorporated weights into my fitness equation- which is: cardio + strength training + healthy eating = a happier, healthier (slimmer) me!

Fitness DVD Websites: If you are interested in specific website reccomendations check out this post for website addresses and tons of good buying (aka bargain hunting) info!



  1. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of weights! I find that too many ladies avoid them because they think it will make them "big" - NOT TRUE. I have the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred video which I picked up for $10 at London Drugs. Sometimes you find these things in the most unexpected places!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great tips! Also i love your fitness room! Too cute!

  3. Count me in as another at home exerciser!! Can't beat the convenience of rolling out of bed and the short "commute" to the workout room to exercise!


  4. I love working out at home with my Wii, weights and elliptical. I have an Ab Lounge too, but the Dr says I have to wait another 2 weeks at least to use it and my bicycle.

  5. I have really been wanting to buy a kettlebell and learn how to use it. They look fun (yeah right) on the weight loss show on TV.

  6. Another home exerciser here. I agree - do what works for you! I've had great success with the Firm too. Love that Hello Kitty Gym!

  7. I'm a home exerciser, too. I love the Biggest Loser videos and am doing the BL Boot Camp and Weight Loss Yoga now. Killer workouts!



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