Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Back on Track

It would be so much easier to exercise every day if life just cooperated a little more. But, most of us will face times when we can't exercise and even the most devoted exerciser will eventually have to abandon his workout routine for any number of reasons. Illness moving, vacation, out-of-town guests...these things and more will happen at some point and, as a result you may find your exercise routine going right out the window. The trick isn't necessarily in avoiding these situations but in learning how to keep going in spite of them.

If you find yourself a long way from your workouts, wondering how to get back on track, there is a way to make the road back a little easier.

Plan for the Future – When you know a situation is approaching that may throw you off track, it is best to prepare for the future so you can avoid starting all over again. The only real difference between successful exercisers and those who quit is that successful exercisers are adaptable.

Write it Down - Once you figure out what you need to do to get back on track quickly and completely after a slipup, write it down! If you capture what works (and what doesn't!), you will have your own little survival guide to refer to if it happens again.

Ease Into It – The biggest mistake many of us make when getting back to exercise is overdoing it. When we get off track, our first response is often to jump back in and do twice as much work to make up for what we missed. But this can lead to injury so make sure to listen to your body.


  1. Since I'm sitting here in my air-conditioned house SWEATING and thinking... I don't REALLY have the energy to get my hula hoop out today... This was very timely. Thanks!

  2. Terrific tips to help keep you on track!


  3. Great tips! I'm a home exerciser using dvds. I keep easier dvds on hand just for this purpose: getting back on track. As dedicated as I am, life happens. It's a lot easier getting back into it when I know the first workout isn't going to kill me.

  4. These are great points! I really do need to get back on track!



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