Friday, August 27, 2010

Exercise Regularly

People who exercise regularly not only lose weight faster, they are more successful at keeping it off. Exercise makes it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body and slowing your metabolism.

At home, at the gym, or playing sports, participate in both aerobic and strength building activities on a regular basis. Not only does the exercise itself burn calories, but your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate even after you're done exercising.

If walking is all you can do, then walk because it's great for you. But muscle burns more calories than fat, so put on a little muscle if you can and you will burn more calories just sitting there.

But don't sit too long. The human body is good at adapting. If you sit too long, you will develop extra padding to keep you comfortable!

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  1. I have been doing my water exercises for over 6 years and I love it, my weight is not down really but I sure do look better then I did when I was not exercising.

    Great I am off to enter some contests!


  2. Nice reminder about exercise. My day wouldn't be complete without it!



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