Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Foods That Fight Stress

Feeling stressed? Try these foods to bring some calm into your life.

  1. Dark Chocolate: high in flavonoids, which contain relaxing properties. The darker the choclate the more healthy bene's! Look for 70% cacao or higher

  2. Skim Milk: Women who drank 4 or more servings of skim milk every day were about 1/2 as likely to experience stress-related PMS symptoms.

  3. Oatmeal: Carbs help you produce serotonin, a calming hormon that helps fight anxiety's negative effects. Oatmeal is a healthy carb choice thats high in fiber, low in fat and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

  4. Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids can help reverse stress symptoms by boosting serotonin levels and can help suppress the prodcution of anxiety hormones cortisol & adrenalinel.

  5. Walnuts: They lower blood pressure! The USFDA is recommending 1 1/2 oz per day.
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