Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Much Food From Each Food Group?

I found this really cool USDA site that allows you to create your own personalized food guide. You enter your, weight, hieght, age, activity level & sex and it generates a plan to maintain and a plan to decrease your weight. 

So when I entered my info- it told me I'm above healthy weight boooo. But BMI is not everything and doesnt take into account my massive muscles (haha). Anyways, so I chose the "decrease" plan.

Heres what it gave me:

9 ounces
3.5 cups
2 cups
3 cups
Meat & Beans
6.5 ounces
Click the food groups above to learn more.

1 Make Half Your Grains Whole

Aim for at least 4.5 ounces of whole grains a day.

2 Vary Your Veggies

Aim for this much every week:

Dark Green Vegetables = 3 cups weekly
Orange Vegetables = 2 1/2 cups weekly
Dry Beans & Peas = 3 1/2 cups weekly
Starchy Vegetables = 7 cups weekly
Other Vegetables = 8 1/2 cups weekly 

Aim for 8 teaspoons of oils a day.

Limit your extras (extra fats & sugars) to 410 Calories.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is also important for health. Adults should get at least 30 minutes of moderate level activity most days. Longer or more vigorous activity can provide greater health benefits. Click here to find out if you should talk with a health care provider before starting or increasing physical activity. Click here for more information about physical activity and health.

And there are a ton of other cool options after you get your personalized plan. 
You can:

  • Read tips for each food grop
  • Print & save your plan
  • Print a corresonding menu
  • Get a more detailed plan
  • And more!
Create your own plan & read more on USDA here.

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