Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fitness BARGAIN Supreme 90

Hi Win, Lose, or Blog fitness friends!!! I hope you are all having a fun & healthy weekend. I am planning on starting a loose Supreme 90 rotation tomorrow. So I wanted to share a little info on the set here on Win, Lose, or Blog because I am in love with this system and wanted to share some info with you all in case you havent heard of it. 

Equipment Required:
dumbbells and optional stability ball
Available at:
Walgreens, Bed Bath &Beyond (use a BB&B coupon for an even better deal!), Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, Target, and the Supreme 90 website (when you purcahse online youre entered to win an Ipad!)

Included in the Set:
Supreme 90 it is  a kick-butt, all inclusive set: strength, cardio, core, nutrition plan, and a 90 day get ripped rotation calendar! I give this set ***** 5 of 5 stars!!!!! Not only are the workouts AWESOME- the retail price of  $19.99 CAN NOT be beat!!!

The rotation calendar is laid out to specifically target your muscles in new ways- for exceptional results. Following their rotation you can expect fat burning, muscle building, and body leaning. All ten workouts are led by Tom Holland and were developed by Cal Pozo.

Supreme 90 dvds: 
Chest & Back
Core Dynamics

You can click on the first 8 dvd titles above to link to my blog for full reviews if you want more detailed workout information. I havent yet done the remaining 2 but will update this post as I go.

Just wanted to share an awesome fitness bargain with my friends in fitness land! Please root me on in my rotation as I am extremely rotationally challenged! Disclosing that my rotation will be loose LOL!


  1. I just got this a few weeks ago using my $5 BB&B coupon! You're right! You can't beat the price! I have reviewed my DVDs, but haven't done the workout yet. It looks amazing! I would suggest to anyone getting this to open it right away even if you're not starting it immediately and make sure you have all the discs. Mine had 2 Leg discs and no Cardio Challenge. I ad to return it and swap out the extra disc for the right one.

    Also, preview each and every disc to make sure they all work! I had one, Shoulders & Arms, that wouldn't play. I had to take it back again and swap that one out, too!

    They were very accommodating at Bed, Bath & Beyond about taking care of the problems for me! I'm looking forward to starting this rotation in 3 months after my current rotation is done!


  2. Here, here! There is one workout in the set I think would be difficult without the ball though~The Ultimate Ball. It's also my favorite!!!

  3. Pauline- You are right. I did that one for the 1st time today and (its not cardio like the website says-its core) you would have to modify quite a bit w/out the ball. I think its doable if you dont have a ball and dont want to get one ...though I will say that IMO a ball is a very useful, fairly cheap piece of equipment and good investment :)



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