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Interview with Fitness Pro Michelle Dozois

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite instructors- Michelle Dozois for my other blog Two Belles Fitness and really wanted to share some of her responses here as well. SO much great info! You can read the entire interview on Two Belles Fitness.

Michelle is an internationally recognized fitness expert, award-winning athlete, and creator of multiple top-selling DVDs, Michelle Dozois has been helping people lose weight, get fit and lead healthier lives for over 15 years. Her contagious energy and unique, effective programming have helped her sell in excess of 4 million DVDs such as Pilates for Dummies, Prevention’s Walk your Way Slim, Dance off the inches, the Original 10 Minute Solution series and her own award winning brand “Your Body Breakthru” and many more!!! I absolutely love Michelle's The Ultimate Workout, Peak 10 Cardio Strength, and MORE! Michelle has created so many wonderful fitness DVDs, that no matter your fitness level or style preference, she has something for YOU!


Belles: The at-home fitness world is anxiously awaiting your new Peak Fit Challenge- what can you share with us about this set?
Michelle: The DVD set is not only made up of my signature high intensity or "Peak" workouts, but also includes workouts to round out your training.  It has everything your body needs to be strong, lean and flexible because high intensity training isn't meant to be done every day. As a busy mom of two active children, I wanted to create a series that really spoke to me at this time in my life.  Like so many others, I am in the trenches juggling work, family, kids' activities and my own piece of mind.   The higher intensity workouts are great for me not only from a physical state but even more from a mental state.  I feel more grounded after my workouts and my mood is always lifted.  I also love the energy I feel with these workouts.  I feel my stamina and strength is equal to when I was a competitive aerobics champion.

Belles: You are a busy wife, mother, and career woman how do you balance it all? What prioritizing tips can you share to help us to fit in our workouts?
Michelle: Honestly I am constantly learning to balance life and it is very challenging.  Thankfully, I have a husband to share life with who is also very busy and we do our best to ground each other.  There are always times I feel like I can do things better.  Sometimes I wish I could volunteer more at my kids' school or I feel myself getting short with my children when I am tired or over loaded.  Phil and I are always reassessing how we can do things better.  I just started reading, "The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family" by Patrick Lencioni so I also read and look out for helpful tips from others.  Right now I am focusing on when I am home from work to NOT to answer the phone or check email so I can really be with my children.  I do wake up early as it is the only real free time I have and I tend to get more things done before my kids wake up.    In general, to prioritize I believe exercising first thing in the morning is best if at all possible.  The day just brings us so many reasons NOT to exercise.  Also come up with a minimum bottom line for your weekly workouts.  Maybe that is completing a minimum of three 30 minutes workouts per week or sneaking in 10 minute bouts on a regular basis.  Just be true to your bottom line and don't let yourself slip.  If you do, pick yourself up and get back on it.  Anything is better than nothing and everything does count.  We as parents and caregivers need to set examples for our children.  Taking care of our bodies and our personal health is the best thing we can do for everyone around us.  I also tell people to make "appointments" for exercise and keep "your" appointment just like you keep other appointments.  You don't have to tell everyone what you are doing, just carve out the time and don't find excuses to skip your personal "appointment".  Another thing I stress to our health club members is to choose activities that feel right for them now but also be open to try new things as they move through time.  There was a long time where I only focused on Pilates.  My son had just been diagnosed with Autism and I was pregnant with our daughter at that time.  Pilates spoke to me and gave my body and mind what it needed to keep going.  I studied and practiced Pilates very intensely for years and still find it a great form of exercise.  I am sure I will revisit this area again in the near future.

Belles: We all have unique stresses and challenges in our lives- do you feel that exercising helps to ease those stresses?
Michelle: OMG yes yes yes - exercise is absolutely my number one stress reducer.  I honestly don't know how I would have coped with some of my personal challenges throughout my life.  I know from the outside it may seem like life is easy for all of us "fitness professionals" but really we face the same challenges everyone else does.  Connecting with others on a daily basis keeps me motivated and inspired.  I love stories of personal challenges and seeing how people can overcome them.  I am honored to be able to be an instrument to help others.

Thank you SO much Michelle for taking the time to share your insights & knowledge with us and our readers!!!! Check out Michelle Dozois Fitness on Facebook, Michelle Dozois on Twitter, and her website for more information about her and her new Peak Fit series!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Michelle's - I have quite a few of her workouts, and I love Michelle's Your Body Breakthru workouts!



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