Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoy the Journey!

Every morning I pass a little Baptist church on my way to work. About once a month or so, they post a thought-provoking spiritual or motivational quote on the reader board outside the building. This week’s quote:

Worry is the darkroom where negatives are developed.

Most folks, at some point or another, embark on a fitness journey with a goal in mind. Whether it is to lose weight, get healthier, be fit for their children or look great for a high school reunion, that goal motivates them to continue. However, often times, along the way, the path is strewn with obstacles, many of which are self-imposed.
The journey starts out with focus on the goal but negative thoughts begin to creep in along the way; thoughts that beget the question, “Is it worth it?”; negative thoughts that can put an end to the journey altogether.

Does this sound familiar? Have you self-sabotaged your own journey? Have you let go of the worry? Worrying about how you aren’t noticing the changes, worrying about how bad you might have eaten the night before, or worrying about the missed workout. Do these worries start the negative thoughts and emotions rambling in your head?

Excessive worrying is counterproductive to achieving your goals. Focus on the positive. Focus on your improved running time, the lunch time workouts you are getting in, or the positive attitude you are bringing forth. Focus on how you are planning your meals, ordering healthier options from the menu or limiting your sugar intake. Focus on how you are setting a good example for your children, able to keep up with them and participate in activities with them. Focus on what makes you happy. Leave the worry and the negatives on the cutting room floor. There is no room for them on the edited version of your weight loss journey.

Remember this isn't the end but the beginning of your journey. Good Luck to you all and keep up the great work! 


  1. I so agree... negative thoughts are never helpful. As for the journey, it's never over (at least for me anyway).



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