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Hot New At Home Fitness Systems

There are so many fitness systems, programs, challenges and rotations available for the at-home fitness market. Sometimes it's hard to decide what's right for you. Well I've tried a few (ok a ton) and here is the low down on some of my favorite new at-home fitness systems

The Firm Express:
Firm Express is the newest system from the Firm (and I LOVE the set!). The set includes twelve 20 minute workouts and two 10 minute workouts. The set is broken down into four cycles, each led by a different instructor and includes a cardio, sculpt, and a cardio + sculpt dvd. Each w/o includes 8 second power bursts followed by 12 seconds of active recovery. The set also includes a meal plan and rotation calendar. The Firm Express is super versatile- choose one of the 20 minute workouts or mix and match to fill an hour. I lost 5 lbs during my 30 day Firm Express rotation and the workouts are so fun that the time really does fly-even combining. NO dread and all the workouts are solid intermediates to low advanced but easy to modify. The bursts really get your heart rate up there but are short so totally do-able!

The set comes complete with a rotation calendar, 13 dvds including14 workouts, and a nutrition guide with lots of wonderful recipes & meal ideas. These workouts range from intermediate to low advanced- but are easily adaptable for most fitness levels. Read complete reviews of all the Firm Express workouts here.

Supreme 90 Day System is an inexpensive, easy-to-follow, total body cardio and strength workout program. The complete Supreme 90 Day System includes 10 workout DVDS produced by Cal Pozo and featuring fitness trainer Tom Holland.  Supreme 90 DaySystem is also accompanied by a nutritious meal plan by New York Times Best Selling Author Tosca Reno. Together, Supreme 90 Day Workout System is designed to get you lean and sculpted, all in the comfort of your own home. Supreme 90 Day System includes a 90-day rotation calendar that carefully sequences each of the ten workouts to constantly challenge the muscles, keep them guessing and stimulate change and growth. By continuously changing up the workouts, the Supreme 90 Day system is designed to keep the body from hitting the dreaded plateau and accelerate results.

With Supreme 90 Day system, you get ten workout DVDs, a nutrition plan, a rotation calendar and online support. What more can you ask for? How about a great price? The Supreme 90 Day system is available for the low price of $19.99. Yep, that’s right, you get all of the above for the amazingly low price of $19.99. With the Supreme 90 Day System, you get training, nutrition and support, nicely packaged into one amazing system. These workouts range from high intermediate to advnaced but you can easily adjust your poundage to fit your needs. Read our Supreme 90 Day System reviews at Fitness for the Rest of Us.

PeakFit Challenge is a fitness DVD series created and led by fitness trainer Michelle Dozois and, her fitness pro husband, Phil Dozois. Designed to get your body in Peak condition, the system consists of an exercise and nutrition program to be completed over an eight-week period. The series uses metabolic interval training, a carefully sequenced combination of strength training and high-intensity cardio circuits, to jumpstart your metabolism and torch calories.  The DVD set is made up of high intensity or “Peak” workouts yet also includes workouts to round out your training including an Anytime, Anywhere and a Dynamic Flexibility workout.  It has everything your body needs to be strong, lean and flexible because high intensity training isn’t meant to be done every day.

The complete program also comes with: The PeakFit Challenge band, a nutrition guide, and a rotational calendar. These workouts range from solid intermediate to very advanced. View reviews of all thePeakFit Challenge workouts on Fitness For the Rest of Us.

Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training:
URX-MT is a brand new set of Extreme Urban Rebounding dvds released by JB Berns!!!The set includes 13 separate dvds led by seven hot instructors: JB Berns, Patrick Goudeau, Gay Gasper, Amy Bento Ross, Keli Roberts, Greg Sims, & Greg Cook. The dvds utilize the Urban Rebounder (mini trampoline), light 1-3 pound sandweights, and tubing. The set covers it ALL: cardio, strength, core, and power moves- all combined to provide excellent results!

I have been waiting for new Urban Rebounding workouts forEVER and these being "extreme" was the icing on the (fat free) cake!!!  I have a bad knee & sometimes using the UR is the only way I can get an intense cardio workout. Virtually no impact and good for the lymph nodes, your vision, circulation, and of course your heart! I absolutely LOVE this set -can not say enough good things about it. The dvds range from intermediate to advanced and are easily modified by increasing or decreasing your poundage & exertion level. Read reviews of all the URX-MT workouts at Fitness for the Rest of Us.

Exercise TV: 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme:

10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme featuring Chris Freytag is a 28-day advanced training system separated into four weeks of total body, upper body, core, and lower body workouts. Muscle memory is shaken up each week for faster results by target toning each muscle group with isolated styles of training. Week 1 uses total body circuit style workouts and Kickboxing Cardio to supercharge metabolism and get the body ready to shed pounds. Week 2 focuses on developing a lean, sleek physique with targeted upper body sculpt moves and Xtreme Yoga.  Week 3 is all about core and whittling away the most troublesome area with Xtreme abdominal combinations. Week 4 focuses on Lower Body workouts to strengthen and energize the body!  Chris Freytag's routine is a proven combination of intense workout days and active recovery days so you can get through each week with ease and see results quickly.

The set comes complete with 3 dvds including six 40 minute workouts, five 20 minute workouts, and two 10 minute workouts, a downloadable workout tracker & guide, and a downloadable meal plan! These workouts range from intermediate to low advanced but are easily modified to suit the needs of most exercisers. Read the reviews on Fitness For the Rest of Us.

Mindy Mylrea's 360 Miracle:
360 Miracle is a complete set- including everything you need to get in shape, have fun, and burn burn burn those calories! 360 Miracle features 6-minutes of microburst exercise, which clinical studies have shown to be just as effective as 30 minutes of traditional aerobic exercise. You'll do your 6-minutes 6 times a week and you're on your way to a 360 Miracle! You won't need any extra equipment for these workouts! Grab your figure 8 tubing and get moving!

The set includes:  24 six minute workouts (12 on each dvd- 2 dvds), six 30 minute workouts (2 on each dvd- 3 dvds), one 60 minute workout dvd, three "Take 3 Method" comprehensive eating strategy dvds, sturdy figure 8 exercise band, complete easy to follow meal plan, including tons of options, recipes, and shopping lists, & more, and a laminated Rotation Calendar- everything you need to succeed on this program! Great for beginners to more seasoned exercisers. Read reviews of all the 360 Miracle workouts on Fitness For the Rest of Us

Billy Blanks Tae Bo PT 24/7:
Billy’s new PT 24/7 Workout System features toning bands that clip to his specially designed B2 bands that hook to your B2 gloves and then loop around your  feet. The B2 gloves & bands engage your core, your upper body and your lower body so you get a total muscle sculpting and cardio blasting workout at the same time. Allowing you to work your muscles in a new way! With PT 24/7, you don’t need any other equipment- everything you need is in the set! In 7 all-new 30-minute fat-blasting, body-toning DVD’s, Billy gives you everything you need to lose weight fast. And anyone can do it. Billy’s helped millions of people just like you lose weight. Now it’s your turn!

The PT 24/7 set includes: PT 24/7 6 DVD Set  (In 1 convenient plastic case. All dvds stayed put in shipping, no scratches), PT 24/7 B2 bands that attach to the B2 Gloves, Billy's Nutrition Guide, rotation calendar- everything 
 you need to get in shape fast! This set is perfect for those newer to exercise through more seasoned exercisers. Read reviews of all the PT 24/7 workouts on Fitness for the Rest of Us.

Tracey Staehle's Total Body Bootcamp:
Total Body Bootcamp is the only workout you will need for fat loss and muscle definition. With six 35-45 minute workouts on two DVDs you get cardio, strength, core work and a whole lot of motivation. You will be amazed to see how your body adapts to increased demands and how far you can push yourself. Not only will you gain strength, you will get great results and never be bored! Tracey & Dustin will keep you motivated and engaged and make you learn to love intensity not duration. This TBBC workout will provide many advantages that most exercise routines cannot offer including aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, muscular endurance, and fat burning. The 30, 40, 50 & 120 second intervals completely exhaust your muscles of their stored energy making this HIIT training superb for immediate fat burning and weight loss. You will see REAL RESULTS.

Any level of fitness can participate; you just go at your own pace-the participants are! Advanced exercisers will love these workouts and intermediates will love the challenge.  Each workout shows modifications for form and equipment. These workouts can be done with minimal equipment & maximum motivation! Included are: Disc 1: Total Body Bootcamp Strength dvd containing 3 workouts and Disc 2: Total Body Bootcamp Metabolic Conditioning containing 3 workouts. Read detailed reviews on Fitness For the Rest of Us.

So which system sounds right for you? Or do you have another favorite?


  1. Hmmm...I like the sounds of a few for different reasons.

    I love that "The Firm" offers short workouts. With the two boys, it's hard to squeeze in anything long and I tend to get distracted & bored during tv workouts.

    I also am intrigued by Urban Rebounding since I have one bad knee and a lot of programs trigger knee pain.

    Finally, I'm always interested in Billy Blanks. I haven't done anything by him in a looong time, but remember loving his first workouts over 10 years ago and should probably give him a try again.

    Thanks for sharing so many great options!

  2. Thanks for all the info. I can't believe Supreme 90 is only $19.99

  3. Catherine- the URX w/o's are awesome - especially when my knee acts up- often the ONLY way I can get in intense cardio.

    Briana- the price is amazing and so is the set!!!!!

  4. The Firm Express sounds interesting. I like that one. And I have one of the Tae Bos earlier videos that I like. Right now I am interested in finding one of the better of the dancing type videos. Those seem like so much fun! I miss dancing.

  5. The 360 Miracle really interests me right now. I followed Lindsey's reviews on Fitness for the Rest of Us and this system looks like it would work for me. I'm nursing a strained ligament at my hip joint and I've been focusing on lower intensity workouts now - and will be for a while.



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