Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Motivation

Boy, my search for a little light-hearted motivation took a different turn today hahahaha. I was looking for a funny little holiday cartoon or something to remind us that even during the holidays we should try to enjoy the sweet, rich treats with moderation.

Then I found this quote, and just had to share it. Nothing like going from silly cartoons to ancient philosophers!

If one oversteps the bounds of moderation,
the greatest pleasures cease to please. 

Think about the last time you really overindulged... it may have been totally pleasurable for a moment as you dove into whatever it was that enticed you to indulge. But a few more bites in, when telling yourself "I really shouldn't!" or "I'm already full... why am I still eating?" or "I can't stop!" the pleasure in the experience was probably long gone. And when you were feeling nasty with a belly ache or heartburn a while later, that sweet pleasure wasn't very pleasing any more, was it?

ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!! But try to remember to enjoy the foods in moderation. Be able to look back on your holidays as pleasant memories, not as moments of overindulgence that resulted in discomfort, displeasure and guilt.

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