Saturday, September 1, 2012

7 Low Calorie Dinner Ideas

Hello everyone.  Welcome to our first weekly 7 Low Calorie Ideas post.  Click on the title of the dish to head on over to the recipe.  Hope you enjoy!  Albany Newborn Photographer

We've had these a couple times.  They are pretty tasty and VERY low calorie for a dinner!  I add a lot of extra salsa to mine, which doesn't add many calories either.

I haven't tried these yet, so if you give them a try let me know how they are!  It looks delicious and I love slow cooker meals so I thought it would be worth a try. 

Okay if any of you are dieting (like me) this should sound amazing!  Chicken smothered in cheese, you can't beat that.  And only 335 calories a serving. 

Again, this one is making my mouth water just thinking about it, but then again it is almost dinner time.

This is another one that I can vouge for.  Even my husband likes this one and it's very filling for the amount of calories.  I love, I find a lot of recipes on there!

Still haven't tried this one, looks yummy though. 

We tried these the other day, very tasty. 

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