Wednesday, August 4, 2010

16 Ways To Eat Less

Today's Tip: 16 Simple Ways to Eat Less (From Prevention Magazine)

1. Plate your main course in the kitchen

2. Don't jump up to clear the dishes

3. Use smaller plates and tall, skinny glasses

4. Save wine for dessert

5. Stop, look, and listen while you eat

6. Divide the food on your plate

7. Chew gum while baking

8. Keep baby carrots nearby while cooking

9. Serve your kids smaller portions

10. Teach the kids to clear their own plates

11. Don't miss meals

12. De-stress by taking care of yourself

13. Close the kitchen 2 hours before bedtime

14. Keep snacks out of sight

15. Brush your teeth after dinner

16. Make TV a food-free activity

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  1. Those are good tips some of them I have been doing but I can add more from the list of 16 you provided.



  2. I wish they would make chocolate flavored'd make baking MUCH more fun. :)

  3. I'll have to try #7 - maybe it will keep me from licking the cake batter from the bowls...mmmm...


  4. Oh, 7 and 8 are great ideas. I think I consume half my daily calories while cooking or baking. I always wonder why I'm not hungry when dinner is ready to be served, ha ha.

  5. I love the smaller plate trick! It really does work for me!

  6. yes agreed, I need to do #7!!!!

  7. If only I could put ALL of these into practice!



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