Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Today's Tip: 7 Healthy Weight Loss Tips!

1. Stock your house up with healthy foods & snacks. This will save you from hitting the drivethrough!

2. Make your workouts a social activity and mix it up. Keeping your exercise routine fun will keep you motivated to stick with it!

3. Cook your own meals. You'll save money and calories!

4. Watch your liquid calories! Watch those sodas, juices, lattes, and adult beverages- before you know it you may have drank up a meals worth of calories!

5. Don't go back for 2nd or 3rd helpings. Stick to one! Put the rest back in the fridge-out of site, out of mind.

6. Find out the nutritional content of the foods youre eating. You might be surprised how many calories and/or fat some of your regular foods actually have!

7. Find things to be happy about. Then you wont end up turning to food to make you happy.

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  1. These are all such good things I should do! I will have to print these up and stick them to my fridge!

  2. When I'm being "good" I do all these things. I can tell you they do work! I just wish I could be "good" all the time.



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