Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playground Workouts!

Today's Tip: Playground Workout

So for all you parents, aunts, nannies, whatever out there! Dont just sit at that picnic table while the kiddos are off playing! Why not burn some calories like the little ones are! In just 30 minutes you can burn some serious calories.

Playing Catch- 162 calories burned!

Four square 162 calories burned!

Frisbee 96 calories burned!

Hacky sack 129 calories burned!

Hopscotch 162 calories burnted!

Hula hoop 162 calories burnted!

Jump rope 321 calories burnted!

Kickball 225 calories burnted!

Tag 256 calories burnted!

Trampoline 114 calories burnted!
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  1. woo hoo lose weight get fit and have fun, sounds great!


  2. As I drove past the playground yesterday I thought about your post. I didn't stop to play but I thought about your post :-)

  3. haha Karen :)
    Suzanne, Its a game where 4 people stand in a grid w/ 4 boxes-you bounce the ball back and forth- I cant recall all the rules though...



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