Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just say NO!

Congrats ladies on your losses so far! There is nothing more rewarding than looking at that scale after the first week. That first week is crucial! You either make it or break it. So good job to all of you who are sticking to it and pushing through!
I dont know about everyone else, but I have the toughest time saying no to certain foods! Ok, all foods. Especially when im on a diet. It seems like everything is about 100 times more delicious when you cant have it! So I have found that it is real difficult trying to stick to my diet when I could have something that tastes so much better! So I end up giving in & it tastes so wonderful! But then I wonder why im not at my goal weight. So why do we do it? Why do we cheat & have that one bite that turns into a whole meal & then back into our old lifestyles? We know its not going to do us any good, right? It really is just temporary happiness. My biggest trick is to just constantly remind myself that no matter how good it tastes, its sure not going to taste so good when I step on that scale next week. My happiness is going to come when im at the weight I want to be. It may not be fun to get there, but it sure will be rewarding! So keep pushing through ladies! And just remember to say NO to those foods that are just temporary happiness!


  1. saying no to sweets is SO hard for me!!! I need to heed your advice. Great post!

  2. It's so hard to think of the consequences when the food is right there begging you to eat it. I will tell myself that - "temporary happiness" - next time I'm in danger of blowing it. Good post!



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