Sunday, January 16, 2011

Always Be Prepared!~

Every time I trying to lose weight I find I am 100 times more likely to succeed when I am prepared.

For me, it helps to get my week planned out on Sundays. Usually I will cook up a batch of chicken tacos - ground the chicken in our food processor and cook with home-made (aka sugar free) taco seasoning. This lasts in the fridge all week - and seriously comes in handy when I don't "feel" like cooking. This way I am still eating something healthy but quick.

I will also portion out snacks for the week. Washing, cutting, and bagging some carrots, cucumbers and celery. I also portion out almonds and peanuts into snack baggies. Each morning it is super quick for me to grab a bag of veggies, nuts and a banana and I am out the door. One day of prep makes my life easier during the rest of the week - and excuse free.

It also helps for me to make weekly fitness goals. I can post a weekly calender on the fridge (like the one found here) and fill in my goals. I write things like "20 push-ups" and "3 x 15 sit-ups"... seeing my goals and 'scheduling' them help me stick to the plan.

So... How do you guys prepare for weight-loss?!?


  1. Great tips!!!
    I think my problem is the lack of preparation and just blinding running into it! If I don't write out a list/plan most times it's a complete bust and I end up back at square one.

    I start school (for the first time in 8 years!!!) tomorrow and I can easily picture being out of the house daily at lunch time can be a major problem, so, my friend, I shall be swiping this idea of on the go snacks and saving myself from the lure of McDonalds.

  2. great post! I prepare all my meals for the week on Sunday and stick them all in containers in the fridge. Keeps me from being in a pinch & ending up in the drivethrough.

  3. I'm all about preparing ahead too. Just like Lindsey I cook my whole week's worth of meals on Sunday so there are no excuses. I also cut up fruit each night for the next day. I always carry almonds with me for emergencies. This has been working for me for years and I've kept the weight off.



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