Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tips & hints for maximizing weight lose!

I wanted to share a few tips & hints for maximizing weight lose that has really helped me!
I know everybody is different & different things help different people, but here is what has helped me!
-Say no to those extra little calories! Even though your eating a salad, having those few extra toppings are going to do you no good! Every calorie adds up. Try to limit the little things for a huge success!
-Remember that you can either have a little of something high in fat or a lot of something that is full of nutrients & is good for you!
-Just do it! Its so hard to get to that gym, but once your there you will feel like a million bucks! So just do it!
-A casual walk around the park, is not going to do you much good. If your going to work out, go the full mile! Really push yourself to get those numbers on the scale you want! Just think about the results you are going to have!

Ladies, your doing wonderful! Keep it up! Your an inspiration to us all!


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