Monday, August 22, 2011

Weight Loss on the Road

As I prepare to leave on an upcoming business trip, I have slight feelings of dread... It's no secret that it is all too easy to fall off the wagon when you get away from your normal routine...

Being on the road means A LOT more eating out at restaurants..... and working late hours which make it almost impossible to fit a workout in.

So here at my top tips to avoid putting on the pounds while on the road:

1. Eat Less when you Eat Out - restaurant portions are WAY larger than what they should be - in ordered for them to charge you more they increase the amount of food they give you, which of course equates to more calories.

2. Salad Dressing on the Side - Last time I ate out at Chili's I noticed that they put symbols next to their lower calorie entrees, but these symbols did not appear next to their Chicken Ceasar. Where are all the calories?! Not in the Chicken! Not in the Lettuce! Ummm hello - the dressing! And it's like that at every restaurant - So get your dressing on the side and only add what you need!

3. Workout in the Morning - get your cardio in before the day gets hectic! That way you can't make an excuse to skip later!

What are YOUR tips for staying fit away from home?


  1. Walking everywhere you can, if you're visiting relatives go for a walk w/ family, find out if you have a microwave/fridge in your hotel room and bring healthy options to stock it with so you don't have to eat out as much. You could also bring rubber bands to add strength training on the road or look for a gym nearby if the hotel doesn't have one.

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  3. If we're just on a day trip, I take a cooler with lots of yums: fruit, sugar snap peas, nuts, crackers with nut butter, etc. As for eating out, I like your suggestions and that is exactly what I do. Fortunately, I don't have to travel for my work, so my trips are for leisure and I have more control over what I do/where I eat.

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