Sunday, September 9, 2012

Smart Snacking Shopping List & a Sunday Funny!


  1. I wish I could snack on those 100-calorie packs and be satisfied. But they wind up making me more hungry. My favorite snack these days has been raw almonds with dried (unsweetened) cranberries, nut thins crackers, apple slices, handful of grapes and one ounce Monterey Jack cheese. Approximately 300 calories total and I treat it as a mini meal. My other snack of the day is a 6oz cup of nonfat Chobani Greek Yogurt.

  2. My snacks typically consist of either yogurt, a granola bar, a banana or string cheese. Lately I have been eating frozen gogurts (don't knock it til you try it). They are SO good and they satisfy my ice cream cravings very well!

  3. My snacks are on par w/ what you both have listed. 100 calories doesnt work for me but I am not a 100 lb girl either lol. I love a med size banana + 1 oz all natural nut butter. mmmmmm



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