Friday, February 17, 2012

Diet Tip Dont Buy Diet Food

Advice from weight watchers spokeswoman JENNIFER COHEN: DON'T BUY DIET FOOD

Jennifer Cohen, Weight Watchers’ spokeswoman and author of No Gym Required,warns to not just choose foods because they're marketed as "good for weight loss." Instead, choose what foods you're going to eat based on their nutritional value and healthbenefits. By eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients, you're sure to lose weight pretty effortlessly.
"Before you plan a shopping trip or order out, look up the nutritional value of the foods you're considering and ask yourself if your list matches up with your needs and goals," Cohen says.
Article & Image courtesy of Shape, read more on the Shape website.


  1. I love this! So many times I'm looking for that Magin Food that says "diet" or "fat free" all over it! BUT the truth is we need nutrients and even some fat (as long as it's the healthy fats) So next time I shop I'm going to look at labels instead of "fat free" titles!

  2. I did that the other day (looked up nutritional info before dining out) and found it VERY enlightening. Some of the things we assume to be the best choices actually aren't. It was really helpful to plan what I was going to order based on my nutritional needs and food plan rather than going in blind and just trying my best to make good choices.

  3. my problem is eating 2-3X more "diet" food LOL may as well have had the real stuff in moderation- more satisfying and in the long run less calories :)

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